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Coin-Op Kingdom

Programmer - AI & Gameplay

Coin-Op Kingdom was the project I worked on during my placement year at Canalside Studios. Along with 7 other team members, its development ran from Sep 2017 to Aug 2018. The team was made up of 3 programmers and 5 designers. My main focus was AI and gameplay, some of my contributions are listed below:

  • Created intelligent customer behaviour with needs, preferences and characteristics​.

  • Implemented a complex AI manager for handling customers in large numbers.

  • Created an advanced top-down camera for intuitive user interaction.

  • Helped produce a dynamic entity management system that worked in tandem with the AI and saving/loading managers.

  • Public representation at Insomnia.

Developed using Unity, C#​



Programmer - AI & Gameplay

Tether was developed for my 3rd year team project module at university. My team was comprised of 9 members, which included 2 programmers and 7 designers. Its development lasted 7 months. My focus throughout development was AI and gameplay, some of my contributions included:

  • Producing the majority of the AI behaviour.

  • Implementing the 'Tether' behaviour for the turret and taunt tethers.

  • Setup of animation systems for player and enemy characters.

  • Developing the final boss battle.

  • Public representation at Yorkshire Games Festival.

Developed using Unreal Engine, C++, Blueprints



Programmer & Designer

Duck-Dip-Dive was a solo project created for my 3rd advanced computer games development module. Its an endless runner, which requires the player to dodge pillars and collect gems. It uses face and eye tracking, allowing players to control the in-game plane with only their face. Some of the key features are listed below:

  • Custom Unity .dll plugin created using OpenCV's C++ libraries.

  • Haar and IBP based face/eye tracking.

  • Smooth translation of face movement to in-game movement.

Developed using Unity, OpenCV, C#, C++


Tanks & Trains

Programmer & Designer

Tanks & Trains was developed for the 'Rising Star Game Dev Challenge 2018' which ran for 4 months. It allowed me to experience working on a project within a smaller time frame. Some of the keys features include:

  • PvP play with multiple controller support.

  • Custom dynamic object pooling for projectiles.

  • Adaptive world-space UI.

Developed using Unity, C#